A Little Q&A With the “Mark Our Pages” Girls

1. What is your favorite book of all time?

Chrissi: This is a hard question, since I have a bunch of favorites, but I would have to say is Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen. This was one of the first books that I read, when I was in high school. I read this book more then a dozen times and each time I feel like its the first time over again. I can really relate to the main character of this book, and I feel like I am in the story and not just reading it. I can really escape into this book and that is a big deal when I look for a book to read.

Keeping the Moon.

Keeping the Moon.

Jessie: Of course this question is nearly impossible to answer (way to pick the hardest one first Chris!). The book that made me truly fall in love with reading, that I have gotten absorbed in more times than I could ever count, is Little Women. It was a childhood favorite and only gets better with time. Also, I adore Winona Ryder as Jo in the movie version! A lot of great ones have come after, but the March girls will always be the family that holds my heart and introduced me to my favorite pasttime.

This cover is adorable!

This cover is adorable!

2. Who is your favorite writer?

Jessie: I am addicted to Wally Lamb’s writing. I cannot get enough and am always looking for authors who can come close to his skill (suggestions are always appreciated!!!). The topics he explores and the voices he gives his characters are unlike anything I have ever read. I am also so impressed with him as a human; the work he does with with the women of York Correctional Institute is inspiring and adds tremendously to his writing. I am (impatiently) awaiting more from this incredible man, as I’ve read everything of his I could get my hands on.

Wally Lamb

Wally Lamb

Chrissi: My favorite author would have to be Nicholas Sparks (yes it is very cliche, but hear me out.). I have read just about everything that he has written. I am a sucker for a good love story, and he is an exceptionally good story teller. He knows how to really tug at your heart strings, and he knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. I know when I start to read a book by him, I am not going to be able to put it down, which is a vital quality I look for in a writer.

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

Jessie(‘s Sidenote): Nice explanation, still never going to stop giving you shit about this one.

3. What book have you read that was made into a a movie and was disappointing?

Chrissi: This question was a hard question for me. I tend to really like movies that originated from books, even when they change them up, but one book that became a movie that disappointed me greatly was “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. As I have previously stated about Nicholas Sparks is that he is an exceptional story teller, and in this movie I felt like everything was a bit too choppy, and rushed. I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you that have not read the book, so I will keep this simple. When you take away vital key points to a story and smush it together too much it WILL disappoint those who  have fallen in love with those characters.

Scene from"Dear John" Movie

Scene from”Dear John” Movie

Book Cover for "Dear John"

Book Cover for “Dear John”

Jessie: I know there have been movies that destroyed the book but cannot for the life of me name one off the top of my head. So for this I am going to go for a book/original movie combo and say Baz Luhrman’s Great Gatsby. You can’t understand how much it pains me to say this. The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorites, I love Baz Luhrman’s work, I have had the world’s biggest crush on Leonardo Dicaprio for pretty much my entire life. Everything about this movie was set up to be perfection, when I first heard about it’s production I was over the moon. I don’t know what happened, why exactly it fell so short. But Leo was no Robert Redford, the story was lost somehow in all the over top scenery and it just….wasn’t right somehow. I wanted to like it so bad, and now I’m thinking about giving it one more chance to impress me. But for now, I am disapppointed.



Movie, 1974.

Movie, 1974.

Movie, 2013.

Movie, 2013.

4. What is your favorite book series?

Jessie: I will always be a Harry Potter kid. To me, Hermione Granger is the World’s Most Perfect Role Model and the values in J.K. Rowling’s novels were crucial to my formative years. Growing up alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione taught me loyalty, courage and the meaning of true friendship (maybe that’s how I got lucky enough to find Chrissi). I’ve read every book cover to cover, own every DVD and have watched the J.K. Rowling mini- documentary more times than I can count (don’t even get me started on my adoration of this incredible woman and the ways her personal story has shaped and inspired my entire life).

Harry Potter Series.

Harry Potter Series.

Chrissi: My favorite series would have to be the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (which has been rumored to become a quartet soon) by Anne Rice (Under her pseudonym name A. N. Roquelaure). This is an erotic novel series, and it is very compelling. The books are very graphic so be advised, and  when you do read them they will blow 50 Shades right out of the water I can guarantee it. I actually read these when I was 15 (a little too young to be reading this kind of stuff), but they were books I just couldn’t put down.

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

If anyone has a question for either of us, please never hesitate to ask. We are both happy to answer questions, and we love to share our opinions with our fellow book lovers!

Sweet dreams readers! From Chrissi that is, Jessie is probably not sleeping for the next week due to her obscene caffeine overdose.


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The story of us.

The year was 2009, the setting a packed basement. Two strangers were standing at a fridge together, piling stolen beers into their purses. Little did these strangers know they were beginning the best friendship they would ever experience.

Those girls quickly went from strangers to absolutely inseparable soul mates. Their adventures were many, everything from getting lost on every single trip they tried to take to a million afternoons spent pretending they lived in Ikea. They visited almost every library in New Jersey during their infamous Library Hopping Extravaganza, and have every nook of their future coffee shop planned out in detail. (Chrissi: Mark my words it will happen one day!) Every moment between them was filled with tons of laughter and so much love.

St. Patty's 2010. One of our finest days.

St. Patty’s 2010. One of our finest days.

Chrissi and Jessica are extremely different people, and that is what makes them so perfect together. Chrissi is a hopeless romantic, a champion for love and an eternal optimist. Jessica speaks sarcasm fluently and is a bit more of a cynic. Chrissi is happy continue her life in New Jersey, Jessica has a severe case of wanderlust and can’t stay still for long. These differences are what make their friendship strong, they balance each other and give each other strength.

Both girls have an addiction to reading, and have spent many days chatting (fighting to the death) over their favorite books. At one point Chrissi’s car was filled with books Jessica kept giving forcing her to read. This passion led to planning on owning a bookstore, about a gajillion hours spent in libraries, and endless debates over the endings of our favorite books. Which is why we decided to start this site. Somebody needs to witness these insane conversations!

2009. Blonde little babies!

2009. Blonde little babies!

In 2012 Jessica moved to the Virgin Islands, then relocated to Colorado in the spring of 2014. Being so far way from each other has been hard for the two girls who used to spend their every waking hour together, and the time spent during visits never seems long enough. But they love each other and their friendship will always prevail over any distance put between them.

Distance is also another reason we finally pursued our dream of starting this blog; it is an amazing way to keep in contact regularly, work together on something we love and laugh over our favorite hobby like we always have.

So welcome, thank you so much for joining our little world and we hope you enjoy!

I swear we aren't drunks, we just happen to look really cute drinking.

I swear we aren’t drunks, we just happen to look really cute drinking.