The story of us.

The year was 2009, the setting a packed basement. Two strangers were standing at a fridge together, piling stolen beers into their purses. Little did these strangers know they were beginning the best friendship they would ever experience.

Those girls quickly went from strangers to absolutely inseparable soul mates. Their adventures were many, everything from getting lost on every single trip they tried to take to a million afternoons spent pretending they lived in Ikea. They visited almost every library in New Jersey during their infamous Library Hopping Extravaganza, and have every nook of their future coffee shop planned out in detail. (Chrissi: Mark my words it will happen one day!) Every moment between them was filled with tons of laughter and so much love.

St. Patty's 2010. One of our finest days.

St. Patty’s 2010. One of our finest days.

Chrissi and Jessica are extremely different people, and that is what makes them so perfect together. Chrissi is a hopeless romantic, a champion for love and an eternal optimist. Jessica speaks sarcasm fluently and is a bit more of a cynic. Chrissi is happy continue her life in New Jersey, Jessica has a severe case of wanderlust and can’t stay still for long. These differences are what make their friendship strong, they balance each other and give each other strength.

Both girls have an addiction to reading, and have spent many days chatting (fighting to the death) over their favorite books. At one point Chrissi’s car was filled with books Jessica kept giving forcing her to read. This passion led to planning on owning a bookstore, about a gajillion hours spent in libraries, and endless debates over the endings of our favorite books. Which is why we decided to start this site. Somebody needs to witness these insane conversations!

2009. Blonde little babies!

2009. Blonde little babies!

In 2012 Jessica moved to the Virgin Islands, then relocated to Colorado in the spring of 2014. Being so far way from each other has been hard for the two girls who used to spend their every waking hour together, and the time spent during visits never seems long enough. But they love each other and their friendship will always prevail over any distance put between them.

Distance is also another reason we finally pursued our dream of starting this blog; it is an amazing way to keep in contact regularly, work together on something we love and laugh over our favorite hobby like we always have.

So welcome, thank you so much for joining our little world and we hope you enjoy!

I swear we aren't drunks, we just happen to look really cute drinking.

I swear we aren’t drunks, we just happen to look really cute drinking.


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